Stephanie Dervishi – Wardrobe Consultant, Style Educator

Showing women how they can dress for their own success!

I created 7 Days of Style because I believe in the power of clothing. After working as a wardrobe consultant for  about 5 years, I decided to stay home and raise my two kids. When my second was born, I all of a sudden struggled with my wardrobe. I know longer knew how to dress for my lifestyle and body. For the first time, I was in my own style rut! Clothing is powerful tool! There is a connection in what you wear and how you feel. That I absolutely believe in.

7 Days of Style is about empowering, educating and giving women the proper tools, so that their closets have purpose and every outfit will have them looking and feeling their best! Showing women how they can dress for their own success.

I can’t wait to work with you.