Christmas definitely is different this year. However, if you are going to someone’s house for a small gathering I have some easy and stylish gift ideas for the hostess! I have a couple of little shops I love to visit, but don’t worry they ship and you can also pick up curbside. So again making it really easy. It can be as simple as flowers or my favourite is bringing a beautiful Christmas tree ornament. Gifts that they can use throughout the holiday season.

Locally Made Walnut Bowls from Wills & Prior

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Glass Folk Art Ornaments from Wills & Prior

Beautiful ornaments are often unexpected gifts to give a hostess but I think are always appreciated.

I also have picked up unique ornaments from Remark.

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Michel Design Works Kitchen Towels Merry Christmas from Jill’s Table

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Bouquet of Red Hypericum Berries

Floral arrangements are always a great gift idea, and with so many talented florists in the city, it’s an easy but still stylish way to say thank you to your hostess! I personally love the idea of bringing a bundle of Red Hypericum berries as a hostess gift. They are understated but beautiful. Bonus! They can be added to any other floral arrangements your hostess may already have. I personally love to see in a clear tall vase.

And of course there is always wine! Vintage is a nice touch.

Holiday Gift Guide: Beautiful Books

I believe that having a personal style shouldn’t end with your wardrobe. The power of style can be found in all areas of your life. When I shop for someone special I always think about not what they think they need, but rather what they didn’t even know they wanted at all. When selecting the perfect gift, my philosophy hasn’t changed one bit! Quality over quantity. Understanding that the simplest gift can have the biggest impact.

This guide will focus on giving the gift of a beautiful book!

Let the gift giving ideas begin..

The most beautiful cookbook:

I think what’s great about both of these cookbooks, is that you could easily put them on display on a shelf or coffee table. I place mine inside my kitchen glass cabinets.


I’ve heard such great things about this book. The pictures are beautiful to look at and the recipes delicious! So much inspiration.

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Francesco Maccapani Missoni’s THE MISSONI FAMILY COOKBOOK

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You can never have enough coffee table books:

Assouline’s MYKONOS MUSE

There are so many to collect! Anywhere from Aspen to Marrakesh. Each book in a bold colour, that will add instant interest in a room.

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Question does your wrapping paper reflect your personal style? Do you put much thought into the pattern or colour? Do you have a wrapping theme? Style should be celebrated in all areas.

I was stuck…

How could I, who dressed women for their success all of a sudden not know how to dress myself? That was a question that continually played in my head after the birth of my second. I am someone who loves style. Who gets excited when fashion week arrives just so I can see all of the stylish women walk the streets of New York, Paris and Milan. However, here I was standing in front of my closet, desperately trying to figure out what to wear. In my mind, I wanted to dress like I did before babies. Realistically, wearing the ruffle RED Valentino dress no longer worked for me.  My body had shifted (as I like to put it) and I was tired. A mom tired? Shocking.

I knew how I wanted to look, but couldn’t get there.

Why was this such a struggle for me? Steph, snap out of this rut you are in! Again something I kept saying to myself. The truth is, I wasted a lot of money buying clothing that I sort of liked, but nothing that really inspired me to get dressed. Wait, say that again…but nothing that really inspired me to get dressed. Ok, I think I’m on to something…

Inspiration is the key to motivation.

You have to be inspired and then you will have the motivation. If you look at your clothing and it doesn’t inspire you to get dressed, that’s a problem. How you feel in your clothing, is important. I had to get clothing back in my closet that inspired me, made me feel good, and reflected my lifestyle. When you feel good, you look good. Right? Why should that matter?

The power of your clothing choices.

There is a constant message out there especially in social media directed at moms. Once you become a mom, it doesn’t matter what you wear. You’re tired. Wear your pj’s all day. That has always bothered me. Yes, as moms we are tired. When I’m home I dress extremely casual because I’m cooking, cleaning and taking care of everyone in my household. However, when I step out that front door, I’m not wearing that. Imagine having those items right at your fingertips. Imagine putting something on and instantly feeling great. The most important takeaway from this is, always how you feel.

I don’t just talk the talk.

For a short period of time I was in a major style rut and that I can say looking back it effected how I saw and felt about myself. My whole vision for 7 Days of Style started a few years ago, when I kept hearing things from women saying, “Oh I have nothing to wear”, “It doesn’t matter how I look”, “I never have any nice clothing”, “I’ve got kids, I don’t have time”. That comes from not having the right items in your closet to begin with. Not knowing where to shop and what to buy. Not truly understanding the power that clothing has and the opportunities it can provide you. I’m not saying to feel good is to wear a leopard coat and heels every day. I know what it takes to really love your wardrobe.

I believe in the power of clothing.

Every time I finish a wardrobe session with a client, I know I have set her on a path for only success. So how do I know? The second time I arrive back at her home for our styling session, I see how she is dressed. (Mic drop)


What 7 Days of Style is all about…

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7 Days of Style is about empowering, educating and giving women the proper tools, so that their closets have purpose and every outfit will make them look and feel their very best!

7 Days of Style believes in the power of clothing and understands how style can be used as a tool for every woman’s success.