Working women need to shop smart and wardrobe plan

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Whether you are starting off in your career, looking to advance positions, a stay at home mom heading back to work, or heck you just don’t know what to wear to work passed Wednesday! The common denominator is all working women have to get dressed to impress. In order to create successful, confidence boosting outfits, you need a wardrobe plan.

why working women need a wardrobe plan:

Having a wardrobe plan will ensure that every outfit you wear will make positive impressions. You will stand out. You will be remembered. If you are starting out in your career or wanting to advance up the corporate ladder, than this is KEY.

We don’t have the luxury of buying a new outfit for every day of the week. Making sure you have the key items in your wardrobe is essential, because they will create outfit options which will make getting dressed in the morning seem effortless. OK, I know some of you may be thinking “at my work everyone dresses casually”…well my response is don’t fall into that comfort zone. My philosophy when getting dressed for work, is to always step it up.

women workwear ideas, how to dress for work, wardrobe staples, black and white blouse

work wardrobe essentials are key.

So you’re probably wondering what exactly are the work wardrobe essentials? To start make sure you have a tailored blazer in your closet and as well a classic white blouse. If you own a suit, you are one step ahead! Look for a neutral color that suits you best. Black is definitely a classic, safe choice but so is navy, grey, and camel. Stay tuned more essentials to come!

7 days of style tip:

When getting dressed every day the wardrobe essentials will create a strong foundation, but it’s your accessories¬†and how you wear them that will let your personal style shine.

In order to create a solid wardrobe, you must start with the essentials.


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