Smart Winter Dressing: Stylish Layering Pieces

Black turtleneck

When it comes to your wardrobe in the winter, it’s easy to just through on a bulky sweater and go on with your day. I believe that every wardrobe should have some key layering pieces such as long sleeve shirts and turtlenecks. This is what I like to call smart winter dressing.

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You will notice that I have a strong fondness for turtlenecks. Most days you can catch me wearing my black turtleneck with jeans and simple earrings. I believe in the power of the turtleneck!

smart winter dressing also means…

Getting the most out of the stylish layering pieces. I wear mine underneath button up shirts, v-neck sweaters, chunky sweater coats, and of course blazers. If you are not into turtlenecks, I definitely recommend long sleeve fitted shirts. What makes these items desirable for your wardrobe is the versatility they offer. Bonus, they will never go out of style.

7 days of style smart winter dressing tip:

Remember whatever layering piece you buy make sure you can wear it at least three different ways.


Remember your closet should contain amazing choices. Make sure you have some of the neutral colors in your wardrobe (black, white, grey, navy) but also look for colors that really highlight your face. I’m currently loving a purple turtleneck I picked up from Aritzia (seen above). The price point is affordable, the fabric is super soft and it is fitted which means it works under all my blazers, v-neck sweaters, sweater coats, and slip dresses.

Below are some versatile options at different price points that you can add to your wardrobe this winter.

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Shopbop Prabal Gurung Carina Cashmere Turtleneck BUY Here.

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Club Monaco Julie Turtleneck BUY Here.

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Aritzia Wilfred Somer Bodysuit BUY Here.

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My favorite Aritzia Wilfred Huet Turtleneck BUY Here.

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Net-a-porter Givenchy Cobalt Blue Turtleneck BUY Here.

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Shopbop Free People Like I Do Turtleneck BUY Here.


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