The secrets to effortless dressing

Do you ever wonder why some women always look so put together? That their style is s effortless? Doesn’t matter the time of day or destination, there outfit is always on point. Well I’m going to let you in on a little secret when it comes to effortless dressing…there isn’t one. That’s right you heard me…but stylishly dressed women are aware of a few things…

#1. they dress for the body they have and are accepting of their size

When you are aware of your body and are accepting of your size, you will find items that highlight your key features. You will wear clothing that fits you properly and tailored to you. I believe and so should you, that any woman at any size can always look stylishly put together. But it has to start with knowing who you are. For example, if you are 5’2″ and a size 12, you cannot compare your body to someone who is 5’11” and a size 4. Embrace who you are. I often would hear clients saying that they would like to keep their smaller sizes for when they loose the weight. Stop. Don’t do that to yourself. Wear your clothes for the now.

#2. they know their style

This is something I write about often is the importance of having personal style. If you are not sure, go to Pinterest and type “style icons” and save the images that spark interest. You will start to see similar images being saved and from there you will see what type of style you like. Remember, personal style should always be evolving just like you.

these are a few you will find in my folder…

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#3. they have getting dressed down to an art form

There closets are organized. The only items they have in their wardrobes are items they love and wear. It’s actually quite simple.

How to wear sequins to holiday parties

#4. they are smart shoppers

You’ve probably heard me use that term before, but stylish women aren’t shopping all the time. However, when they do buy something it’s because they love it and will wear it.

#5. they don’t believe in trends

No need to go into detail.

want to know more about personal style? check out the link below…

9 Steps to Defining Your Personal Style


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