My Skincare Routine

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Last week a reader sent me a message asking me what my skincare routine is and what products I use. At first I was hesitant because we all have different kinds of skin. What I use may not work for you, but there are some things that I do that any skin type can benefit from. My skincare philosophy is very similar to my personal style philosophy and that is I keep it simple. I read a lot of material on skincare and believe that it is important to know what ingredients are being put into the products I use. Also, I put sunscreen on every morning separate from my moisturizer. That has to be the most important skincare rule to remember.


my skincare philosophy is…

I buy inexpensive face wash, but invest in my eye and night creams. A product I do love and if you want to see immediate results is Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Peels. LOVE them! They have regular or extra strength. Made without parabens, sulfates, phthalates (you definitely want to stay away from those three). Style Influencer, Olivia Palermo has been going to Dr. Dennis Gross in NYC since she was 16!. I’m a huge fan of my Clarisonic  and use it about twice a week and only a night. My friend, Taraneh introduced it to me a few years ago and definitely gives my face a deep clean and keeps it smooth.

clarisonic mia, skincarefacial wand massager

If you are looking for clean skincare lines, I definitely recommend trying Drunk Elephant and REN.

Read more about the benefits of Dr. Dennis Gross peels here.

I’m huge fan of Japanese skincare methods because they have the highest standards. Japanese skincare products have to be made from the highest quality of ingredients and cannot be produced without research or proof. Japanese also believe in taking care of skin first and makeup second. Makes sense when you think about it. Japanese also believe in the power of facial massages and I’ve been doing them for about a year now and love it! GAME CHANGER FOR YOUR FACE.

9 minute tanaka face contouring video

Last year I came across this Tanaka Face Contouring video on YouTube and it costs you nothing and you will see results. Amazing right!? For a week straight I followed her for the entire 9 minutes while watching TV with my husband. Very simple. Now, I just do a few of the massages and it has become part of my morning and night time skincare routine. Watch below!

Tanaka Face Contouring Video

Also, I bought this back in September and it’s a love!

Facial Massage Wand.

what makeup do i wear?

I’ve never been a huge makeup person to begin with. Most days I wear blush, mascara, and lip gloss. I will wear a little cover up under the eyes and nose if I’m going out.A makeup line I do wear is Nude By Nature. It uses 100% natural ingredients, cruelty free, and formulated without unnecessary chemicals, synthetic ingredients or preservatives that many cosmetic companies use. You can also find it at Shoppers Drug Mart!

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Have a wonderful weekend!



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