Spring Coat Essential: The Trench

The classic trench coat is the perfect complement to a variety of outfits. It’s the must-have coat to wear in the spring and fall. I purchased my trench coat years ago and I’m still wearing it. How can one jacket give a woman so many possibilities? Well first things first, the trench has been an essential in a woman’s closet for years. If there is one coat for you to buy this spring, I would 100% suggest the trench coat. Also let it be an investment piece if possible. One of the smartest moves I made while building a strong wardrobe was to invest in my outerwear. To this day, I find it hard to part with my fabulous pieces and that is definitely including my Burberry trench. The trench coat is considered a transitional piece in your wardrobe. The trench coat will work for all formal and casual occasions. That’s right, you can wear with a suit, dress, and jeans. One of my favorite spring outfits is my trench coat paired with a t-shirt, black jogger style pant and my Adidas gazelle sneakers.

let the trench be your spring coat

trench coat outfit spring, celebs wearing trench coats, trench coat womens

doesn’t get more classic than burberry

Riccardo Tisci is the head designer at Burberry and during his Spring 2019 runway show he said that he wanted the Burberry umbrella to bring all of the generations together. So that Burberry can work for the grandmother, mother, and daughter. That is how I think of the trench coat. No matter your personal style, age or size, you can find a trench coat that works.

burberry spring 2019 ready-to-wear

The Burberry Spring 2019 was one of my personal faves!

When you follow my blog, you will never have to worry about trends again!

fabulous trench coats at a range of prices

Banana Republic Classic Trench

Club Monaco Janney Trench

GAP Longline Trench Coat

A.P.C Greta Trench Coat

London Fog Double Breasted Trench

Theory Trench Coat on SALE

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Stephanie Marie

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