Spring 2019 Wardrobe Essentials: Earth Tones


A great place to start when planning your spring wardrobe is to think of the items that will give you mileage and outfit options. I don’t think it’s smart to invest in an item that you can only wear one way. I think adding a few key items this season is a perfect way to build a strong spring wardrobe. A smart move would be to look at the earth tones. For as long as I can remember, these shades have always made it to the top of spring trends.

Right now fashion magazines, clothing brands, style influencers are telling you what the must-have spring 2019 trends are. After working in the fashion industry I can tell you for certainty that there are trends that always reappear every year. Kind of like when Miranda Priestly from Devil Wears Prada says “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” Florals is a given trend every spring. So what I’m trying to tell you is stop worrying about the spring 2019 trends and what’s in or out for the upcoming season. It doesn’t matter. BUY items that contribute to your wardrobe, reflect your personal style, and create outfit options for you.

instead of trends, think of wardrobe essentials each season.

KEY colors you can pick up every spring would be what I like to call earth tones. Think of khaki, tan, cream, and olive green. Wear them like a neutral. You will be able to wear them with other neutrals like black and white, prints, and of course bold hues. I also love the idea of being able to dress up or down any item in your wardrobe. Think of the utility shirt, you can wear it to the office to replace the classic blouse or wear casually with denim shorts in the summer. Outfit options are endless.

isabel marant, spring 2019, spring outfit ideas

why earth tones?

Once spring arrives, I love the idea of adding more neutral shades to the wardrobe. I depend heavily on my trench coat, but I also love the idea of adding a khaki pant or olive green blazer to the wardrobe. Earth tones will work with everything in your wardrobe but I especially think it looks so chic when paired with white.

currently obsessed with…

Zara Wide Leg Pant – Wear to the office with a black or white blazer and heels, or out in the evening with a silk cami. An item must give you options so wear casually with a simple tee and gladiator sandals. A good pant will give you outfit options.

zara wide leg pant, work outfit ideas, casual outfit ideas, earth tones, spring 2019 trends

Babaton ROMM Shirt – You know how much I appreciate the utility shirt. The utility shirt gives you wardrobe options. Replace with the classic white buttoned down. It will work with everything!

babaton utility shirt, aritzia, spring 2019 trends, work outfit ideas, outfit ideas for moms, earth tones

Babaton Billy Skirt – When you add a new item to your wardrobe, make sure you can wear it at least 3 different ways. This will ensure you get mileage out of your clothing. You can wear this with a classic white blouse or a denim buttoned down for the office or ivory blazer and silk cami underneath or casually with a simple black tee and ballet flats.

babaton billy skirt, neutral shades, spring 2019 trends, work outfit ideas, aritzia

Babaton Akira Blouse – A great staple to have in your wardrobe. It works for all personal styles.

babaton akira blouse, aritzia, work outfit ideas

victoria beckham loves her earth tones!

Thank you for reading!

Stephanie Marie


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