Biker Shorts: A wardrobe must rather than a trend

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The biker short made it’s revival in 2018, and has continued to stay strong for 2019. Now many of you may think of the short the same way it was worn in the 90s. I’m here to tell you that the key to making the biker short a wardrobe must and not a trend, is to make sure it suits your personal style and wear it with the staples.A fresh way to wear them is paired with long t-shirts, buttoned down shirts, tailored blazers, jean jackets, leather jackets, duster coats, long cardigans, etc. Last summer I wore mine with longer shirts and sneakers. I’ve mentioned before on the blog, that I love the idea of being comfortable but still having my outfit on point. In the heat of the summer, you can usually find me in either simple dresses or jumpsuits. I love jean shorts, but when it’s melt your face off hot…I’d rather not wear them. That’s why I became such a fan of biker shorts.

7 days of style tip:

Length is key when wearing the short. Keep that in mind when getting dressed. You want to make sure that your tops are on the longer side. I just think this is more of practical way to wear them and it will create more outfit options.

My FAVORITE is Tna Equator Short “7 SHOP HERE.

A fresh way to wear them is with t-shirts, blazers, and sneakers. LOVE how Kaia Gerber is wearing them below!

When Chanel, Fendi and Prada has models walking down the runway in biker shorts, you know it’s more than a trend.

Chanel Spring 2019 Collection

View its entirety here.

the key is to pair them with the wardrobe staples.

Below Sophia Roe is wearing the biker short with a tailored blazer, white blouse and kitten heels.

Love it paired with a tailored blazer (length is important) and cat-eye sunglasses. To finish off the look you could add an ankle boot.

This was pretty much how I wore them last year, minus the heels.

The biker short will not be for everyone. If it is something you are considering, I would strongly suggest that you pair it with the wardrobe classics, that way you will never have to worry about looking trendy.

Thanks again for reading! Will this be an item you will be adding to your warm weather wardrobe?

Stephanie Marie

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