The Importance of an Investment Dress


Now before I begin this post, I just want to be clear that this isn’t about weight loss, or post baby weight goals or anything like that! This post is about the importance of having at least one investment dress in your wardrobe. Yesterday I went to that section in my closet I don’t normally go to. The section is home to a few designer dresses that I’ve kept because of two reasons: 1. The fit 2. The style and maybe the price point. When you find a dress that checks those two boxes, you know it’s a forever piece.

After having two babies (they are no where near babies anymore) my body and stomach changed, or the word I like to use “shifted”. The dresses no longer fit. There was a time where I thought I would sell them, but I just couldn’t give them up. The dress in the first image is what I wore on the night before my wedding. So it also has sentimental value. Well I’m so happy that I’ve kept them because I am now able to wear them again! The power that a great fitting dress has, is that every time you put it on you feel amazing in! To me, that is the importance of having an investment dress in your closet.

what makes an investment dress?

What’s amazing about these three dresses in particular, is that I’ve had them for over 8 years. I can tell you that every spring since then, all three would fit perfectly into every fashion magazines key trends. How is this possible? Remember when I posted about earth tones? All three dresses are neutral tones. Those shades will always remain. So it’s important to think of that when you are searching for your investment dress. Kind of like that black dress so many fashion people talk about. Next is the quality of the fabric. This is what will allow you to wear the dress for years to come. Sure you pay for the designer name, but you are also paying for the construction of the garment and as well the fabric. The dress should also have a classic silhouette. Nothing trendy, because we know trends don’t last in the long run.

7 days of style tip

Finding a neckline that is flattering is also KEY. For example, I love a one-shoulder because it suits me and is flattering, whereas  halter not so much. I’m going to put my money towards the one-shoulder every time.

You want the dress to evolve with your style. How I wore them years ago, won’t be how I wear them in 2019. However those three dresses have evolved with me.

I’m going to wear them with my stylish sneakers, statement espadrilles, and will throw on that jean jacket. Wear them casually, but will also add that heel when I need to.

Keep in mind, you don’t need to pay full price. There are always sales, and I say take full advantage of them.

Thanks again for reading!

Stephanie Marie


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