London Ontario’s own wardrobe stylist

Stephanie Dervishi is a London, ON based wardrobe and style consultant, whose professional career has centered around dressing women for their successes. Not only working as a wardrobe consultant, but Stephanie has written articles about fashion trends for local magazines and styled many fashion shows. Her unique perspective on style and knowledge of what it takes to build a solid wardrobe, has cemented her ‘style education’ and ensures that her outlook on women’s fashion is well researched and considered. Stephanie’s wardrobe method, always has her clients saving money in the end.

Stephanie believes in the power of clothing and understands the connection between what you wear and how you feel. She also believes in the importance of wearing the right colours and teaches her clients to never settle for what just fits. An added bonus her experience brings, is showing her clients how to use style as a tool for success. What’s your visual message? How are you going to set yourself apart from the competition? Stephanie says, how you dress is the easiest way.

Published by

7 Days of Style

7 Days of Style is about style confidence and how to achieve and maintain it. Showing women how to build a strong wardrobe, what to wear when, dress for your body type, and when to splurge and when to save. This style and wardrobe blog is packed with practical advice for the everyday woman, no matter the lifestyle!

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