I See You

After the birth of my second, I struggled with my style. I lost direction, and knew how I wanted to look like but couldn’t achieve it. My clothes weren’t practical, cohesive or aligned to me and my lifestyle. I was a mom of two young children and I felt stuck for the first time. I was starting to become a collector of unworn clothing. I was buying only items that were on sale. Focused entirely on the price and not if I would actually wear it. The clothing was piling up in my closet and my frustrations grew. How could someone who dressed women for their own success, no longer dress for her own? That was a question that continuously played on repeat in my head.

My closet was no longer setting me up for success.

There were other factors that weighed on me, for example my body shifted and I was full on SAHM. I’m someone who loved to work and enjoyed bringing my work home. The transition from working full time to staying home was difficult. I felt like I was missing out. Felt like I wasn’t contributing financially, which was the reason I was only buying sale items. Felt like other moms who did go back to work, wondered why I was still home. What was I doing all day? This negativity continued to grow in my head.

One day, I looked in my closet and realized for the first time that it wasn’t inspiring me.

Therefore I wasn’t motivated to get dressed. I had to get back to the basics. Focusing on the colours I should be wearing close to my face. Understanding the power that a great pair of jeans can have. Putting together an outfit when I left the house. That was a real game changer for me. I felt good about myself. I felt seen. My confidence grew and like my wardrobe, I was continuing to evolve.

To the women out there that struggle with clothing, struggle with what to buy, not sure how to put an outfit together or simply don’t feel their best when they get dressed, I see you. I always wanted to continue being a wardrobe consultant after my kids started school, because I believe our clothing choices have power. I believe that dressing for your own success can  economically empower you, create opportunities, create confidence and eliminate self doubt.

7 Days of Style was created because I want all women to feel their very best every day, when they get dressed.

When you look good, you feel great. When you feel great, you are unstoppable.

Thank you,


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