8 Pieces That Will Elevate Your Spring Wardrobe

Your wardrobe should be forever evolving, just like you. My tip is every new season, take inventory of your closet and make the list of must-haves you will need. That way you won’t duplicate items and your closet will continue to work for you. When searching for the seasonal must-haves, you want to make sure the items bring versatility to your wardrobe.  Something to keep in mind, make sure you add an item with “wow factor”.

Wow Factor?

Dictionary Definition: A quality or feature that is extremely impressive.

An easy and surefire way to achieve the factor is focusing on one item such as a statement blazer, chain link necklace, stylish sneaker, or luxe leather pants.

You always  want to feel inspired by your closet, therefore you will be motivated to get dressed.
  1. Silk Blouse
  2. Statement Blazer
  3. Leather Pants
  4. Trench Coat
  5. Chain Link Necklace
  6. Loafers
  7. Shirt Jacket
  8. Poplin Cotton Shirt
7 Days of Style Tip: Keep it simple. Stay focused. Focus on quality not quantity.

Thanks much for you reading!


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