Client Experience

 It’s all about the experience…

“I recently bought the gold package as a birthday gift to myself. I have never been so pleased to splurge! Stephanie gave me a personalized experience from going through all my clothes to one on one shopping and so much more! She taught me what colours suit my complexion and how to get the most out of my wardrobe with a few basic pieces. Gone are the days with nothing to wear. Now I have endless possibilities with a few key pieces. When I left the store the clerk offered to have the guys walk me out with my purchases to give me the full “Pretty Woman” experience. I told them I already had it. From making me feel comfortable in my own skin to finding what works best for me, I feel transformed.”


“Working with Stephanie was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself! She is kind, patient and really spends the time helping you understand the colours and styles that compliment you and your body. I see clothing differently now; I am confident and so much happier with my outfit choices!”


“Working with Steph was truly an awesome experience. I felt comfortable opening my closet to her and expressing my wardrobe concerns. She effortlessly helped me eliminate what no longer served me. An overwhelming job I simply couldn’t complete on my own! She pieced together outfits using clothes that I already owned and her follow up was fantastic. She sent me shopping ideas and has been totally invested in the closet transformation. I would recommend this service to anyone as it has made such a difference in my mindset when it comes to what I wear.”


“Having a wardrobe that works for me, gives me confidence to show up as my best self every day. It also makes getting ready each morning easy and effortless, which this busy mom doesn’t take for granted! When I look my best, I feel my best and that in turn makes me happier and a more confident entrepreneur, wife and mother! Overly thankful for Stephanie and her fashion expertise, upgrading my wardrobe and lifestyle.”


“Stephanie’s service is extremely high value. She visited me to style my existing wardrobe. It was my goal to have around 10 outfits and I ended up with over 20 all without purchasing new. She is very thoughtful – listened to my needs and my ‘style boundaries’. Her value comes from making getting dressed effortless. She is highly creative with a strong understanding of colour, texture and style. Stephanie helped me mix and match some of my favourite items with lesser worn items. Following our sessions she sent me an email with recommendations of additional items I could add to expand my looks and photos of every outfit she made. I printed and laminated these and hung them in my closet so I always have her expertise on deck. I can’t recommend Steph enough. She is super talented!


“My experience with Stephanie exceeded my expectations – and I had high expectations!  Stephanie is not only very knowledgeable when it comes to style, fit and colour but she’s also easy and fun to work with. I needed a total wardrobe overall – I’d gotten lazy and was wearing mostly workout clothes and the nicer things I hadn’t fit that well and weren’t all that inspiring – so I’d gravitate to the workout clothes. My clothes did nothing for me and didn’t reflect how I felt on the inside. Stephanie came in and quickly assessed what I had and educated me on what colours and styles would work best for me. Ste put together a few outfits with my remaining clothes and then sent me a long list of clothing suggestions to my build my wardrobe. I was blown away by the thoroughness of her recommendations – plus there were links to everything so I could find the pieces easily. My wardrobe now reflects how I feel; joyful and confident. And it’s so exciting to go into my closet and get dressed. Everything in my closet looks great and goes together. This process with Stephanie was so fun and I can’t wait to do it with her again for my next season’s wardrobe!”


“I loved working with Stephanie! Before utilizing her services I was overwhelmed by my closet and shopping, and I didn’t like any of the pieces that I already owned. Now when I shop, I know exactly what I am looking for and no longer feel overwhelmed by my closet, and what to wear. I have so much more confidence mixing pieces, and accessorizing. I am getting more style out of my wardrobe with less effort. Stephanie completely transformed the way I looked at my wardrobe and helped me focus on pieces that are tailored to my colouring and shape. I highly recommend her services!”


“The three most impactful things you provided: 1. You identified the best colour palate for me and that wearing them brings out my natural shine and energy. 2. I have significantly reduced the amount of clothes I have and by having only the right pieces for me means getting dressed every day is a joy! 3. I am now a smart shopper with a keen eye on what will complement what I have and what will make me feel great. Your expertise Stephanie and the exceptional support you provided when you helped me organize my closet back in Dec/Jan and then when you worked your magic with the extensive and on point personal wardrobe advice and recommendations has truly changed my life.”


“I feel more confident in my day to day life, and often receive compliments on my new style. I also know how to shop strategically in order to add items that build on what I already own. I am looking forward to working with Stephanie again, as we transition into the spring/summer season.”


“Initially I decided to do a consult because I wanted to be able to tell my clients about the service – so glad that I experienced it ‘first hand’. Stephanie made me feel comfortable right away and we had fun! She showed me new ways to wear my clothes. We eliminated the items that didn’t suit me, that felt great! We re-organized what was left in my closet. We talked about accessories and make-up too. She offered suggestions on what I could add to my wardrobe and what I enjoyed is the fact that I now have a way better strategy when shopping.

My time with Stephanie was a very empowering, uplifting experience that made me feel like a million bucks. I have always taken pride in how I look, but now I feel that I have upped my game!”


“Getting dressed used to feel like a chore and something I just had to do. After meeting with Stephanie it’s now something I enjoy doing! After having kids my body changed and I dressed mostly for comfort. Stephanie helped me see past the yoga pants and how versatile my outfits could be with items I already owned. It was liberating to scale down the size of my closet and know that the items I did own could be worn is so many different ways. She helped me feel empowered with my style choices once again!”


“Before Stephanie, I was spending a lot of time and money on clothing I didn’t feel good in and was just not right for me. She equipped me with the proper tools and knowledge to build a simple wardrobe. One that now gives me confidence, style, and options.”


“I dress daily for an office, but I felt like I was wearing the same few pieces all the time, and the rest of my closet was full of past trends and wrong sizes. Stephanie helped me identify exactly what pieces I was missing in my closet to pull so many outfits together. She gave me great suggestions to utilize my wardrobe in many ways I hadn’t thought of.”


“Stephanie adds structure and simplicity to shopping!

When I started working at an Ad agency four years ago, I saw beautiful wardrobes all around me. I assumed everything was designer and out of my price range. I didn’t think I could recreate the looks with my start out salary…or so I thought. Stephanie showed me that the looks were attainable on a budget. She equipped me with the right tools and taught me how to create a strong foundation.”


“My consultation with Stephanie showed me how to put together multi outfit options from my existing wardrobe and took away the stress of the need to over pack when I travel.”