The confusion of fashion headlines

fashion headlines

When you’re on Facebook or Instagram, you are constantly being told what the hottest trends are, and what you need to be wearing. Fashion headlines are constantly popping up on social media that send women mixed messages on how to dress. Recently there was a headline that said “Everybody’s wearing black this summer.” My first reaction was, well not every woman can pull off head to toe black. It’s important to remember that when you are on social media reading headlines and looking at images, to keep in mind one thing. What works for them, may not work for you. Once you know what works and looks best on you, your wardrobe will flourish.

how to understand fashion headlines

I get it, wearing black is easy and that’s what we want our wardrobe to be. I worked on a clients wardrobe where she owned a lot of black, but the colour actually drained her. We chatted about the importance of colour and figuring out what neutrals worked best for her. What became her ‘new black’. She noticed right away when I put a colour that worked for her close to her face. It’s amazing what wearing the right colour can do to your complexion! Also it’s important to keep in mind that the tone plays a major role as well. That’s why in all of my services that I offer, I carve out time where we talk about colour and how it can make or break an outfit.

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