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zara jewel button blazer, spring uniform

Today I was checking for key spring uniform essentials on different websites and I saw this jewel button blazer on Zara. I LOVE everything about it! It’s the perfect spring blazer. Ideal for the office, pair it with white, cream, khaki green, navy, earth tones and of course black. I love how they styled it with a white tank, straight leg jeans, and strappy sandals. way to wear the blazer in the evening. If you have a formal event to attend this season, simply wear it draped over the shoulders. Very sleek and chic.

when it comes to your spring uniform, keep in mind…

The colour may not work for you, but it’s the idea of having that statement blazer in your spring/summer wardrobe. This is the time to add some of your WOW colors to your wardrobe. Putting an outfit together should never be difficult. 

zara jewel button blazer, spring uniform

In all 4 of my wardrobe services, I talk about the importance of my clients WOW colors. What works for me, won’t necessarily work for you. When it comes to building a strong wardrobe, you have to focus completely on YOU! I worked with a client who didn’t have her WOW colors in her wardrobe. She had a lot of neutrals, she thought she needed but they weren’t right for her complexion. I showed her what colors she should be wearing, and let me tell you something it made a BIG difference.

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