Spring 2019 Wardrobe Essentials: Earth Tones


A great place to start when planning your spring wardrobe is to think of the items that will give you mileage and outfit options. I don’t think it’s smart to invest in an item that you can only wear one way. I think adding a few key items this season is a perfect way to build a strong spring wardrobe. A smart move would be to look at the earth tones. For as long as I can remember, these shades have always made it to the top of spring trends. Continue reading “Spring 2019 Wardrobe Essentials: Earth Tones”

What to pack on vacation: stylish outfit ideas


What to pack for vacation should be items that give you outfit options and always look stylish. The first time I traveled to Europe to say I over packed was an understatement. I packed for everything and anything. I’m pretty sure I even packed a gown for that just in case I get invited to a gala scenario! My suitcase was all over the place, and even though I had a lot of clothing…I didn’t have that many options. Continue reading “What to pack on vacation: stylish outfit ideas”

Accessory Essential: The Silk Scarf

A great accessory should be adaptable and multipurpose. It should give you outfit options and I think a silk scarf is a brilliant accessory essential. Every woman should have at least one silk scarf in her wardrobe. No need to worry about fashion trends when it comes to selecting the right one. I suggest looking for colors that suit your face. For example, I have a Hermes silk scarf (I have featured many times on my blog) that I love wearing. Why? Continue reading “Accessory Essential: The Silk Scarf”