The Importance of an Investment Dress


Now before I begin this post, I just want to be clear that this isn’t about weight loss, or post baby weight goals or anything like that! This post is about the importance of having at least one investment dress in your wardrobe. Yesterday I went to that section in my closet I don’t normally go to. The section is home to a few designer dresses that I’ve kept because of two reasons: 1. The fit 2. The style and maybe the price point. When you find a dress that checks those two boxes, you know it’s a forever piece. Continue reading “The Importance of an Investment Dress”

Biker Shorts: A wardrobe must rather than a trend

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The biker short made it’s revival in 2018, and has continued to stay strong for 2019. Now many of you may think of the short the same way it was worn in the 90s. I’m here to tell you that the key to making the biker short a wardrobe must and not a trend, is to make sure it suits your personal style and wear it with the staples. Continue reading “Biker Shorts: A wardrobe must rather than a trend”

Stylish Ways to Wear Leopard Print


Over the years the items that I have regretted purchasing were always the trendy ones. In previous posts I have written about how important it is to forget the trends. No matter the season, select items that will give you outfit options. Heading into Spring 2019, I would strongly suggest (if you haven’t already) that you add one leopard print item to your wardrobe. Whether you buy a coat, blazer, pant, skirt, dress, shoes, handbag, or a belt…leopard print is a wardrobe essential, no matter your personal style. Continue reading “Stylish Ways to Wear Leopard Print”

Spring 2019 Wardrobe Essentials: Earth Tones


A great place to start when planning your spring wardrobe is to think of the items that will give you mileage and outfit options. I don’t think it’s smart to invest in an item that you can only wear one way. I think adding a few key items this season is a perfect way to build a strong spring wardrobe. A smart move would be to look at the earth tones. For as long as I can remember, these shades have always made it to the top of spring trends. Continue reading “Spring 2019 Wardrobe Essentials: Earth Tones”

A fabulous sweater will give you outfit options


sweater outfit options, sweater tips, womens sweater ideas, how to wear a sweater, sweater styles

We have this idea that if our closet is full of clothing, then we have lots of outfit options. In theory, it makes sense. I have found with years of cleaning out closets that we don’t wear all of our clothing. Many of the items we don’t even really like to wear. So why not minimize the wardrobe and only buy items that you will wear. Only buy items that make you feel and look great in. Continue reading “A fabulous sweater will give you outfit options”