Why you don’t need a brand new wardrobe every new season

Every season we are inundated with runway must-haves and the top trends you need to own. This non stop messaging comes from the fashion magazines, influencers, and brands. Making you believe that every season you need to buy a brand new wardrobe and if you don’t, then you will be left behind. I don’t believe in that way of thinking and neither should you. I do believe in updating your wardrobe every season with great items that work for you and you will wear. For example, I’ve never owned a jean jacket before and this spring I’ve decided I’m going to add it to my transitional dressing section of my closet. I know I will wear it a ton and can’t wait to show you the many ways. I love an item where you wear it all year long and have the ability dress it up or down.

This is the one I purchased…

Oversized Icon Denim Jacket

And I already know it will work perfectly with my new Tna Perridon Pant

because the jean jacket is classic, it will never date itself.

I keep talking about the wardrobe staples, but maybe you are not sure what they are and what you should have in your closet right now.

i believe that every woman’s wardrobe right now should have…

  1. Tailored blazer (preferably black, but find a neutral that’s right for you)
  2. Great fitting pair of jeans
  3. 3 long sleeve shirts (2 neutrals and 1 pop of color that suits you)
  4. 2 sweaters (crew neck, v-neck, cardigans, turtlenecks are great examples)
  5. Black ankle boots

my cold weather staple has been the turtleneck sweater

I love it because it’s a neutral color, so will work with everything. It’s not bulky, so ideal for layering. Most importantly, I enjoy wearing because it makes me feel good.

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All of these wardrobe staples will create endless outfit options for you. You will be able to dress them up or down and wear them all year long.

Smart Winter Dressing: Stylish Layering Pieces

Black turtleneck

When it comes to your wardrobe in the winter, it’s easy to just through on a bulky sweater and go on with your day. I believe that every wardrobe should have some key layering pieces such as long sleeve shirts and turtlenecks. This is what I like to call smart winter dressing.

if you check out my instagram…

You will notice that I have a strong fondness for turtlenecks. Most days you can catch me wearing my black turtleneck with jeans and simple earrings. I believe in the power of the turtleneck!

smart winter dressing also means…

Getting the most out of the stylish layering pieces. I wear mine underneath button up shirts, v-neck sweaters, chunky sweater coats, and of course blazers. If you are not into turtlenecks, I definitely recommend long sleeve fitted shirts. What makes these items desirable for your wardrobe is the versatility they offer. Bonus, they will never go out of style.

7 days of style smart winter dressing tip:

Remember whatever layering piece you buy make sure you can wear it at least three different ways.


Remember your closet should contain amazing choices. Make sure you have some of the neutral colors in your wardrobe (black, white, grey, navy) but also look for colors that really highlight your face. I’m currently loving a purple turtleneck I picked up from Aritzia (seen above). The price point is affordable, the fabric is super soft and it is fitted which means it works under all my blazers, v-neck sweaters, sweater coats, and slip dresses.

Below are some versatile options at different price points that you can add to your wardrobe this winter.

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Shopbop Prabal Gurung Carina Cashmere Turtleneck BUY Here.

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Club Monaco Julie Turtleneck BUY Here.

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Aritzia Wilfred Somer Bodysuit BUY Here.

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My favorite Aritzia Wilfred Huet Turtleneck BUY Here.

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Net-a-porter Givenchy Cobalt Blue Turtleneck BUY Here.

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Shopbop Free People Like I Do Turtleneck BUY Here.


Working women need to shop smart and wardrobe plan

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Whether you are starting off in your career, looking to advance positions, a stay at home mom heading back to work, or heck you just don’t know what to wear to work passed Wednesday! The common denominator is all working women have to get dressed to impress. In order to create successful, confidence boosting outfits, you need a wardrobe plan.

why working women need a wardrobe plan:

Having a wardrobe plan will ensure that every outfit you wear will make positive impressions. You will stand out. You will be remembered. If you are starting out in your career or wanting to advance up the corporate ladder, than this is KEY.

We don’t have the luxury of buying a new outfit for every day of the week. Making sure you have the key items in your wardrobe is essential, because they will create outfit options which will make getting dressed in the morning seem effortless. OK, I know some of you may be thinking “at my work everyone dresses casually”…well my response is don’t fall into that comfort zone. My philosophy when getting dressed for work, is to always step it up.

women workwear ideas, how to dress for work, wardrobe staples, black and white blouse

work wardrobe essentials are key.

So you’re probably wondering what exactly are the work wardrobe essentials? To start make sure you have a tailored blazer in your closet and as well a classic white blouse. If you own a suit, you are one step ahead! Look for a neutral color that suits you best. Black is definitely a classic, safe choice but so is navy, grey, and camel. Stay tuned more essentials to come!

7 days of style tip:

When getting dressed every day the wardrobe essentials will create a strong foundation, but it’s your accessories and how you wear them that will let your personal style shine.

In order to create a solid wardrobe, you must start with the essentials.


Moms need Style

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As a mom of two young kids I get it and completely understand the struggle of getting dressed everyday and still wanting look like a stylish mom. I went from working full time and attending events during the week, to being a stay-at home mom with a baby. After I had my baby, my personal style changed. Lack of sleep kicked in, and wanting to stay in my comfy pajamas just made sense.

About a month after coming home from the hospital, I made a promise to myself that I wanted to look like the full-time working me. Now I’m not saying I left the house in full make-up and heels. A shower was a priority, so I made sure that was completed before my husband left for work. I never wore a ton of make-up, so I created less than 1 minute make-up routine. Put on some mascara, little blush, lip gloss and I was ready for whatever the day had for me!

but what about my wardrobe?

The wardrobe on the other hand I struggled with because of the change in lifestyle but also the change in my body. The dresses I wore before no longer fit and I just felt lost. When my second arrived, this boy did not sleep for more than 4 hours in a row for 2 years!

the struggle is real!!!

My kids are close in age, so I had a toddler whose life didn’t change because mommy didn’t get much sleep the night before. Life continued and so did my commitment to myself although there were some days where I just couldn’t leave the house or make that effort. I said to myself that’s OK. Just like you, I was out and about with my kids running errands, attending play dates, and activities, so I still wanted to take that extra 5 minutes to get my hair and face ready.  However I was still struggling with my wardrobe.

i want you to ask yourself these questions:

Do you find yourself staring at your closet, while your kids are yelling for you and all you want to do is get dressed?! Do you find yourself shopping online and or at a box store/mall trying to figure out what you are going to wear? And when you do, you actually don’t end up wearing it because it’s not really you? Or you only know how to wear it a certain way?

I figured out that in order to get dressed in the morning quickly I needed a wardrobe plan. I needed to figure out what my style was and what the key pieces I needed to have in my closet in order to create endless outfit options. As moms, we don’t have the luxury of standing around in our closets trying things on. We need to get dressed, but my philosophy is why not add some style to your outfits while you at it! 😉

If you know a new mom, stay-at home mom, working mom…please forward this post onto them. This is what 7 Days of Style is all about!

My Top Sweater Picks

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I love my grey cashmere turtleneck sweater. I got it in Italy a few years ago. It’s my go-to on those cold school pick up days and also a classic piece for my wardrobe.

Sweaters are a wardrobe staple, especially during this time of year when you want to be warm but still stylish. Below are some of my top sweater picks and a few style tips to keep in mind this winter. 😉

7 Days of Style Tip: Remember to look for a neck line that is flattering and also a style that is classic. For example I suit a turtleneck and a v-neck style. You may not think a neckline of a sweater matters, but it does.

Shopbop sweater styles
NUDE round neck sweater


7 Days of Style Tip: Don’t think you can only wear a sweater one way. You want to think outside the style box. For ex, the fair isle sweater below would look stunning with a long silk skirt, a fur collar, and ankle boots.

Topshop sweaters
Topshop reverse fair isle sweater.

7 Days of Style Tip: To give an oversized sweater a different look, add a belt and pair it with slim bottom.

Net-a-porter sweater styles
Proenza Schouler wool-blend sweater BUY here.
Zara sweater styles 2018
Zara oversized choker sweater.

7 Days of Style Tip: Neutral hues don’t just mean black, white, grey…add a pop of colour to your wardrobe. When you wear the right colour close to your face, it will highlight your features and give you an instant glow…and who doesn’t want that!?

J. Crew sweater styles
J. Crew everyday cashmere turtleneck sweater.