Spring 2019 Wardrobe Essentials: Earth Tones


A great place to start when planning your spring wardrobe is to think of the items that will give you mileage and outfit options. I don’t think it’s smart to invest in an item that you can only wear one way. I think adding a few key items this season is a perfect way to build a strong spring wardrobe. A smart move would be to look at the earth tones. For as long as I can remember, these shades have always made it to the top of spring trends. Continue reading “Spring 2019 Wardrobe Essentials: Earth Tones”

A fabulous sweater will give you outfit options


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We have this idea that if our closet is full of clothing, then we have lots of outfit options. In theory, it makes sense. I have found with years of cleaning out closets that we don’t wear all of our clothing. Many of the items we don’t even really like to wear. So why not minimize the wardrobe and only buy items that you will wear. Only buy items that make you feel and look great in. Continue reading “A fabulous sweater will give you outfit options”

Why you don’t need a brand new wardrobe every new season

Every season we are inundated with runway must-haves and the top trends you need to own. This non stop messaging comes from the fashion magazines, influencers, and brands. Making you believe that every season you need to buy a brand new wardrobe and if you don’t, then you will be left behind. I don’t believe in that way of thinking and neither should you. I do believe in updating your wardrobe every season with great items that work for you and you will wear. For example, I’ve never owned a jean jacket before and this spring I’ve decided I’m going to add it to my transitional dressing section of my closet. I know I will wear it a ton and can’t wait to show you the many ways. I love an item where you wear it all year long and have the ability dress it up or down.

This is the one I purchased…

Oversized Icon Denim Jacket

And I already know it will work perfectly with my new Tna Perridon Pant

because the jean jacket is classic, it will never date itself.

I keep talking about the wardrobe staples, but maybe you are not sure what they are and what you should have in your closet right now.

i believe that every woman’s wardrobe right now should have…

  1. Tailored blazer (preferably black, but find a neutral that’s right for you)
  2. Great fitting pair of jeans
  3. 3 long sleeve shirts (2 neutrals and 1 pop of color that suits you)
  4. 2 sweaters (crew neck, v-neck, cardigans, turtlenecks are great examples)
  5. Black ankle boots

my cold weather staple has been the turtleneck sweater

I love it because it’s a neutral color, so will work with everything. It’s not bulky, so ideal for layering. Most importantly, I enjoy wearing because it makes me feel good.

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All of these wardrobe staples will create endless outfit options for you. You will be able to dress them up or down and wear them all year long.