Client Testimonials

“Before Stephanie, I was spending a lot of time and money on clothing I didn’t feel good in and was just not right for me. She equipped me with the proper tools and knowledge to build a simple wardrobe. One that now gives me confidence, style, and options.”

Colleen, working mom of two

“I dress daily for an office, but I felt like I was wearing the same few pieces all the time, and the rest of my closet was full of past trends and wrong sizes. Stephanie helped me identify exactly what pieces I was missing in my closet to pull so many outfits together. She gave me great suggestions to utilize my wardrobe in many ways I hadn’t thought of.”

shannon, working mom of two

“Stephanie adds structure and simplicity to shopping!

When I started working at an Ad agency four years ago, I saw beautiful wardrobes all around me. I assumed everything was designer and out of my price range. I didn’t think I could recreate the looks with my start out salary…or so I thought. Stephanie showed me that the looks were attainable on a budget. She equipped me with the right tools and taught me how to create a strong foundation.”

tania, producer