The importance of a wardrobe that reflects YOU

How much thought do you put into your wardrobe? Have you ever thought about the power your closet can hold? On Instagram this week, I posted about the importance of wearing clothes that fit properly, colours that bring radiance to your face, and every day outfits that can make you feel and look your best in. We get dressed every day, that’s what I say to the women I work with. Make getting dressed every day eventful.

steph, really? every day eventful?

Yes. I was chatting with a friend yesterday who just had a baby and her main event of the day was getting dressed and walking down to the local cafe. That’s what drives her to get dressed. It makes her feel better about herself. For me, that’s what it’s all about.

A couple of months ago I worked with a client who struggled with her wardrobe. She struggled because what she had in her closet wasn’t reflecting her lifestyle. She was missing some key game changers and majority of the colours did nothing for her. She was also not happy with her current weight. As women collectively, we have all been there. I told her something that changed her perspective.

getting dressed is an illusion.

Once you know how to dress for your shape, your size won’t matter at all. I also explained the power of colour and why certain colours really highlighted her features it was like, I think Oprah calls it her AHA moment! For example, she had a ton of black in her closet. However, black close to her face was draining. Did you know that wearing the wrong colours can make you look tired and ill? That’s exactly what I would look like if I was wearing let’s say mustard yellow!

no offence to mustard yellow. it’s just not my wow colour.

Back to my client…once we went through her wardrobe together I made a list of essentials she needed. Essentials that would create mileage in her clothing. Together we stepped out of her comfort zone and she could see that her style potential was limitless.

As women, we don’t need a ton of clothing. A closet full of clothing doesn’t give you multiple outfit options, in fact it’s the complete opposite.

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